FA-33 – The Cable


The FA-33 is a loudspeaker cable of a special kind and a unique innovation by Förster Audio. It is produced manually in an elaborate process and built into all our loudspeakers as internal cabling. The cable transports our third contact for the shielding of the internal wiring, which is a basical element of our speaker-constructions.

In the development process we focused on achieving a maximum freedom from disturbances and onextremely optimising the shielding – because these two aspects are crucial for the quality of sound. The particular structure of the cable makes it possible for even the most delicate impulses to be transmitted flawlessly and without error. Unlike common cables, which at a certain volume make it uncomfortable to listen to music, the FA-33 transports tones completely naturally, without errors and interruptions, even at a very high volume. No matter whether it’s about a symphony with the beat of a kettledrum or a Heavy Metal concert – experience even loud music as realistically as in the concert hall.