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Audio magazines, journals and newspapers have already reported on Förster Audio. Have a look how our company and our products are presented in the press.


  • Where technology becomes art / Kulturhandbuch Salzburg Festival 2013

    The fact that Förster Audio causes a stir also on the international musical scene is confirmed by an interview done by Prof. Peter Csobàdi – previously Herbert von Karajans right hand man – with Thomas Förster for the Kulturhandbuch Salzburg 2013. The editor of the Kulturhandbuch, Johann Hammerer in addition to interviews of Prof. Peter Csobàdi with the three directors of the Salzburger Festspiele Alexander Pereira, Peter Alward (Osterfestspiele) and Cecilia Bartoli (Pfingstfestspiele) recommends his readers the interview with Thomas Förster with the following words: „Revolutionary news of the technique of sound reproduction [are to be reported from] the audio-pro Thomas Förster. Under the heading „Where technology becomes art“ Förster reports on the result of many years of research activity. His sound reproduction components transform the living room to a concert hall.“


    Interview Interview

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  • German Lateral Thinker Award / BMW-Welt Munich 2014

    Förster Audio reached the 3rd place at German Lateral Thinker Award in the domain of Innovation:

  • The emotional dimension of listening / HIFI-STARS 16/2012

    „Finally, we listened to a live version of the Eagles' „Hotel California“ from 1994 which appeared on the LP „Hell Freezes Over“. We did so at original volume ... HEAVENS ...!“

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  • Sense and Sensuality of Listening Experience / Nicolás C. Kucharuk in GOOD Taste

    „The new loudspeaker generation from Förster Audio is leading to unheard-of sound dimensions for sound maniacs. “

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  • Clear as a mountain lake / hifi & records 4/2004

    „Being spoilt by time-coherently operating loudspeakers, such as the Thiel CS 1.6 and CS 6, I have been astonished by the extreme holography of the FA-5.2. Fascinating. Always defining sounds clear as crystal, these loudspeakers vibrantly get down to business from the lowest to the highest sounds and breath life into any kind of music. I do not know any loudspeaker that, irrespective of whether it is fueled by a 10 watt tube or a megawatt transistor amplifier, conjures such a freshness in the listening room which reminds of a deep crystal-clear mountain lake where one can see to the ground. It is worth to take a trip even from the far north of our country to listen to these loudspeakers.“

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  • New: No. 7 made by Förster Audio / image hifi, Journal 5/2006

    „Thomas Förster is probably one of the grey eminences in audio engineering. Numerous institutes, broadcasting studios and other professional customers rely on the „time-coherent“ loudspeakers made by Förster Audio.

    The FA-7 is Förster’s first serial loudspeaker which is distributed via hifi specialist shops. Although the FA-7 ranks low in the product range, he’s got what it takes behind the baffle.“