Musikhochschule München

Good Sound


Time coherence
Good sound is time-coherent. It is spatial, clear and natural - and it elicits strong emotions. In addition, sound which is time-coherently emitted by the loudspeakers reflects one-to-one what the artist recorded and intended. With all of its vivacity. Direct and intoxicating.
The loudspeaker tips the scale
For achieving a really good reproduction of music, all parts of a system have to be optimal. However, loudspeakers constitute the most important link in the reproduction chain. This is where the music signals stored on a sound carrier (e.g. a CD or record) is converted into audible sound.
Sensuous optimization
The reason why the technically perfect realization alone is not sufficient for building a perfect loudspeaker is that the sensory perception with our ear is so complex. Nevertheless, technical perfection is indispensable for the acoustic fine tuning with the ear, which sensually completes technical perfection.
The feeling of happiness
Our aim is to generate nature-identical sound, i.e. the vivid and spatial reproduction of what the artist has recorded. Listening to such a nature-identical music awakes all our senses and makes us very happy. We are proud that we can bring the music so close to you with the help of our loudspeakers.


  • Tuning

    At the end of the manufacturing process each pair of loudspeakers is completely acoustically tuned so as to compensate for the smallest tolerances.

    Just like an instrument
    As soon as everything - including the optimum step response - has been technically perfectly realized, we are commencing to tune the loudspeakers just like a guitar or a violin. This unique process of loudspeaker manufacturing turns a technically perfect loudspeaker into a musical instrument which is not only capable of producing sounds, but also puts them into the proper musical context that was intended by the interpreter.


    Objective for all musical genres
    Our loudspeakers are tuned completely objectively, i.e. not tuned according to the tuner’s individual taste. Just as a guitarist does when he objectively tunes his guitar correctly, independent of the type of music he intends to play.


    The ear is a perfect judge
    There is no measurement device with which loudspeakers could be tuned as precisely as with the human ear. As the artist tunes the strings of his instrument, the tuner of the loudspeaker changes the size of the electronic components in smallest dose until perfect tuning is achieved.


    Time for the right sound
    Owing to the complexity and interactions of the electronics involved, the loudspeaker tuner needs a considerable amount of time. However, the result justifies the expenditure. We do spare no effort for achieving the goal of perfect sound.


    More than 20 years of experience in tuning
    Owing to more than 20 years of experience, Förster Audio has become a master in tuning.

  • Acoustics at home

    Listening room
    Chose a suitable place for installation in your living room depending on its acoustics which correlates with your listening position so as to fully enjoy the sound potential of our loudspeakers. We would be glad to provide advice and assistance.


    Coupling and decoupling of the loudspeakers
    Our loudspeakers are equipped with unique, highly effective coupling/de-coupling means for ideal adaptation to your ground floor. These coupling/de-coupling means are installed at an invisible position at the bottom of the loudspeaker and are serially included in all of our loudspeakers.