With our products we hope to contribute to reproducing music in its most beautiful form, namely undistorted and realistic. We are in close exchange with musicians and experts of the music industry in order to always stayup-to-date. This is also an opportunity to make interesting interviews which allow an insight into the world of music. You can read them here.


  • DJ Jondal

    „Crawls through the stomach, touches all senses …“
    DJ Jondal in an interview with Sylke Will


    You are the most popular DJ for lounge music. Why is this chillout music so successful?
    DJ Jondal: Lounge music is a genre encompassing the most various musical styles, such as Chillout, Downbeat, Nu-Jazz, Trip-Hop, Ambient, Easy Listening. I have greatly shaped this genre by using out of the ordinary music and arrangements and by placing great emphasis on recording quality. Finally it is important for me that my listeners relax with my music. Lounge music simultaneously stimulates and relaxes - this is exactly why you feel so good, maybe even happy with it. I think this is the key to success.

    How does a piece of music make it into „The DJ Jondal Show“ on LoungeFM?
    DJ Jondal: The track has to trigger emotions. And I place great emphasis on recording quality. The tracks come from studios, record labels and producers all around the world. Nowadays it is no problem to send music from one continent to another one.

    How did you get into music?
    DJ Jondal: Already as I child I have, presumably like most others, absorbed everything that acoustically happened around me. However, at that time I had a weakness for Swing, Rock-n-Roll, Big Band Sound. The reason is that in the car and also at home my dad always listened to the broad casting station AFN. In addition, later on I listened to the American Top 40 and have thus always been up to date in music. In retrospect, during my puberty I had the major advantage of growing up with older people and thus getting in touch with music which was far ahead of my age, e.g. Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Joplin, Zappa, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, etc, to name but a few.

    What is special about DJ Jondal? DJ Jondal
    DJ Jondal: I play various musical styles and partly change the original recordings by mixing different sounds with other tracks. I mix music titles of most various origin, which at first sight do not belong together or have nothing to do with conventional lounge music. However, this is only one side. The acoustic world which is created by my work triggers some kind of relaxed concentration with the listener. The listener enters the most different worlds. And he feels good there.

    How many people belong to your team?
    DJ Jondal: My team consists of my partner Mathias „SHOW-B“ Schober. He is the master in mixing my mixes and also my CDs. Being a trained sound engineer he has an extraordinarily sensitive ear and sensitivity for harmony, the basis for my mixes. Only in this way can an auditory experience be created which captivates the people.

    What do your listeners say?
    DJ Jondal: Many of them tell me that they missed the exit with their car because they had been so immersed in the music. A family from Stuttgart even named her son Jondal (laughs).

    Which role does technology play for listening to your music?
    DJ Jondal: A very important one. In the course of my musical career I have concerned myself a lot with it, it is part of my business. Both recording quality and the technology that reproduces it play a major role. The more detailed my music is reproduced, the more it touches you. The „musical world“ quasi lives from acoustical spaciousness, which has a great impact on the effect of my music.

    What role do loudspeakers play?
    DJ Jondal: Of course, only high-quality loudspeakers are able to get the message of my music across to 100%. This does not mean that my music cannot be listened to everywhere. However, it is a different auditory experience if reproduction is perfect.

    You have heard your music via loudspeakers made by Förster Audio. What is your impression?
    DJ Jondal: It is awesome. HighTec. The music crawls through the stomach, touches all senses. It was a great feeling to hear my music in that way. We both have the same goal of leading our listeners into a world that sharpens their senses and causes an unforgettable feeling of happiness. This aim has clearly been achieved...