Countless satisfied customers did not miss the opportunity to tell us about their experience with our products. Here we have compiled for you some of the letters that reached us.


  • Munich Academy of Music

    Christian Böhm, sound engineer, director of the sound studio

    „When we wanted to completely redesign the sound studio of the Munich Academy of Music and Performing Arts on a fully digitalized basis in 2001, we also wanted the studio monitors to meet our high demands. Since we could not find a suitable model among the standard studio monitors known by us which was able to yield satisfactory results in a admittedly acoustically difficult control room, we searched for a loudspeaker manufacturer who could bring our idea of an indefinite baffle into a concrete shape by using one of our favourite chassis. Moreover, the monitors had to be really time-coherent systems in which exclusively chassis with in-phase polarity should be used.

    The loudspeaker system developed by Thomas Förster fully met our ambitious expectations. Not only by planning and working very scrupulously, but also by conducting extensive listening tests, Mr. Förster brought his concept to perfection, thus creating a monitoring environment which enables superior control of the tonal picture produced at the mixer. The loudspeakers offer utmost clarity and transparency, their basses almost reach the end of the audible range of the human ear without ever sounding „thick“, and are present, but not importunate in the higher sounds.“

  • Detlef Eisinger, Piano Player

    When I heard these speakers for the first time, I was instantly thrilled by the natural sound , which could be heard in chamber music as well as in orchestral music. The characteristics of the different instruments and their colors of sound are reproduced in an impressively precise way. I almost had the illusion of either sitting among the orchestra or directly in front of the musicians...

    Every little noise – made by change on a guitar for example – every detail of the very high or very low registers of strings or winds – e.g. played in the orchestral intermezzo of a Richard Wagner opera – could be heared very clearly. Even small imperfections, which normally get lost in conventional speakers, were noticeable.

    For a piano player like me, one of the most important criterions is the sound of a piano: But again I was surprised by the well-balanced and aesthetic reproduction. Even in fortissimo there wasn't any kind of disturbing clattering, crackling or any different metallic noise to be heard (which normally is a very common problem with piano recordings). What a great pleasure!

    Finally, I only can express my compliments and the highest praise for the quality of these speakers. Indeed, they meet even the highest quality demands!

    Detlev Eisinger

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  • Rocko Schamoni, former member of the band „Tote Hosen“, Hamburg:

    „I am not easily convinced by or even enthusiastic about anything, but this blows me away! The sound is incredible. I have never heard anything comparable to this!“

  • Bernhard G., Utting, about his FA-5.2

    „Nowadays the world mixes everything... telephone, photography, video, sports cars with utility vehicles. Therefore, it is a pleasure that there is a company like Förster Audio that deals with authentic music reproduction. As was the intention of the artist, nothing more, but also nothing less.

    After numerous cross-checks (B&W, Revel, Sonus Faber...) the FA5.2 stood out because of their outstanding precision in sound and auditory spaciousness. One can hear that Förster Audio has great expertise in building and tuning loudspeakers. The music emitted immediately puts a spell on you and creates appetite for more. When listening to CDs which one considered to know by heart for 15 years, suddenly new things appear...“

  • Martin P., Wuppertal, about his FA-4

    „Over the past 30 years I possessed the most various loudspeakers, including the well-known Dynaudio, etc.

    I have had the FA-4 from Förster Audio for six years now and I am more than satisfied. The sound of the instruments is defined very clearly, also in their spatial depth. I have never heard it in a comparable way. One can virtually see the instruments appearing before the mind’s eye.“

  • Stefan W., Antdorf, about his FA-5 and FA-S10

    „At the end of the nineties I had by change the opportunity to listen to a really impressive system when visiting a high-end studio in Munich. Loudspeakers from Wilson Audio that almost reached the ceiling, operated by two monoblocs from Mark Levinson having the shape of seating cubes, a preamplifier of the same brand and a CD player from Burmester. All of it connected by cables that were as thick as childrens’ arms. This is about seven years ago and the only thing I remember is that monumental optical impression.

    Several months later I was recommended to arrange for a listening appointment with Förster Audio in Gauting. I was so fascinated by what I experienced during that appointment that I became a real fan of these loudspeakers. The philosophy, the exceptional quality in the selection and processing of the components, the meticulous tuning of every loudspeaker, all of this results in a unique feast for the ears.

    Yes, I dare say that the loudspeakers quasi have a soul. They love their job, immerse themselves in it. They become an instrument, a voice, thus being unobtrusive in the best sense. This applies both for the smaller FA-5 and in particular for the one-off production FA-S10, which I both bought one after the other. Now and then they are of unsurpassed quality!“

  • Hans Romberger, TEAM 7

    „For years I have been very satisfied with Förster Audio as an extremely professional and competent partner in high-end audiosystems. For us it is a great plus to be able to offer the music enthusiasts among our customers the first-class products and advice services of Förster Audio. Anyone who buys our products, places value on maximum quality, impeccable workmanship and individual advice. We demand the same high standards of our partners. We know that at Förster Audio our customers are in the best hands and cooperation with them always works perfectly.“

  • Johann Hammerer, Editor of Kulturhandbuch Salzburg/Vienna

    „Our cultural almanacs have been published since 1989. We are constantly in exchange with musicians, conductors, composers and other decision makers in the music industry. It is beyond debate that technology plays a vital role in enjoying music. What counts is what reaches the listener. Even the most talented violinist or the most renowned orchestra stands no chance against a lack of room acoustics or poor reproduction components. This is different with Förster Audio loudspeakers: they give you pure and utter listening enjoyment. Even the most subtle nuance, all high and low pitch levels are perfectly reproduced. As a listener, one feels transported to a concert hall and that prompts completely different emotions and captures one a lot more than music as it usually sounds off from ordinary loudspeakers. This is a great asset for the music industry. And if people can thus bring home culture in its most beautiful form, then naturally that makes me happy, too.“

  • Peter Aicher, Entrepreneur Aicher Holzhaus

    „I am a visual person, be it only because of my job. But the products of Förster Audio convinced all my senses. The design is highly accomplished; it combines an absolutely timeless form in the best Bauhaus tradition with a very noble and appealing haptic character. You immediately want to touch the loudspeakers with their completely smooth surface. They simply have a noble effect and at the end of the day, that’s what convinces my customers. Straight away, you get a sense of the passion and precision with which the loudspeakers and the other products were produced. Real high-quality products made in Germany, that fit into any ambiance thanks to their timelessness. And then, of course, there is the great feeling you have when you hear the music sounding off from these loudspeakers. You just can’t describe it. At least I have never seen an installation with a higher reproduction quality – or rather, heard one.“