FA-5.4 – The Emotional Dimension of Listening


The FA-5.4 plays music like an instrument: So naturally, spatially and clear that everyone who listens to this music is enchanted. Instead of individually interpreting basses, midranges and trebles, the FA5.3 reproduces music unalteredly and as a whole. This means that you hear the music from the sound carrier in the same way as it has been played upon recording.

The music is lively and spatial, just as in a live concert. The experience is sensational - and be careful: it is addictive!

This music lives in the head, in the body, in all senses, simply everywhere. You listen to the sounds and arrangements, live with and in them, and completely lose yourself in them. Can you imagine a happier moment?


  • Construction

    Air Motion Transformer
    The tweeter which functions according to the principle of the air motion transformer constitutes the heart of this loudspeaker.


    Bass/Midrange Speakers
    Two 17 cm bass/midrange speakers are symmetrically and time-coherently connected to this tweeter. Especially due to their highly stable ceramics membrane these chassis are characterized by extremely low distortion values and an especially good decay in their transitional area. A third woofer is working only at deep frequencies.


    Ventilated Housing
    The bass/midrange speakers operate in a highly precisely aligned ventilated housing. This results in an in-depth and very precise bass reproduction up to 35 Hz (-3dB).

  • Specifications
    • Sensitivity: 90dB @2.83Vrms/1m
    • Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 28000 Hz
    • Impedance: 4 Ohm
    • Capacitors: Mundorf MCap SUPREME, MCap SUPREME Silver/Oil, Silver Mica
    • Coils: Mundorf CFC copper foil coils
    • Resistors: Metalglaze film resistors and MOX
    • Each bass reflex tube is made out of aluminium, anodized and refined
    • Equipped with FA coupling and decoupling system as standard (invisible under the housing)
    • Total decoupling of all chassis and contacts from the housing
    • Double wall construction filled with silica sand
    • Impedance linearity
    • Mundorf binding post, solid material copper
    • Third contact for the shielding of the internal wiring
    • Special internal wiring made by Förster Audio with separate signal shielding right up to the individual chassis - ideal further development of FA-33
    • Piano lacquer
    • Dimensions of housing in mm: 1247 x 335 x 586 (H x W x D)
    • Height incl. coupling and decoupling measures in mm: 1268
    • Mass (Pair): 250 kg
  • Measurement Diagrams

    Sprungantwort FA5.3 Impedanzgang und elektrischer Phasengang FA5.3

  • Colours

    The surfaces of our loudspeaker housings are elaborately coated with piano lacquer. Thus, all colours appear brilliant and deep at the same time.

    In case of our model FA-5.4 a different contrasty colour may be selected for the middle part. Special lacquering available on request.

    The lateral aluminium clasp at the side remains uniformly matt black in every model.

  • The Difference
    What makes us different?